Does listening to emo music make you emo?

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    3 years ago
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    yes, of course. that's what the entire label is based on.

    but be careful how you're labelling it -- are you talking about actual emo music with bands like Rites of Spring, Pg.99, Hot Cross, + Drive Like Jehu, or emo-pop punk music with bands like MCR, FOB, FIR, BMTH, P!atD, Paramore, Simple Plan, etc.?

    cuz that makes all the difference, and I'm asking which you're referring to cuz many tend to mislabel emo-pop music as simply "emo" cuz of what the media claims (which is false because "emo"=emotive hardcore punk, not emo-pop, + they are their own genres, not the same).

    but either way, yes -- being an 'emo' (which in fact is called a 'hardcore kid' or 'punk') means being a fan of emocore. contrarily, being a fan of emo-pop music makes one an emo-pop kid (what some tend to simply mislabel as "emos", but they're really emo-pop kids cuz of the actual genre they love).

    it's like how a goth=fan of Gothic Rock music or a punk is a fan of Punk Rock music. some labels (esp. of the alternative subculture) are music-based labels, so it is all about the music that helps define a label.

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    • CrypticRaven
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      3 years agoReport

      Emo is a Hardcore Punk genre, Punk Rock is like Emo's grandfather. but of what music genre are you referring to? Emo? Emo-pop? Hardcore Punk? Punk Rock? there is no "emo punk rock" genre, it's either Emo or Punk. or Hardcore Punk.

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  • SS
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    3 years ago

    does asking stupid questions makes you stupid?

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I have a diver's watch - doesn't make me a diver.

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