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Recoil: Least to greatest?

Gun: 1911 5" barrel

Caliber: 45 ACP +P, 38 Super, 10mm Auto

Bullet Grain: roughly 150 grains


How about typical SD loads?


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    Everything else equal:

    * Gun weight/dimensions

    * Bullet weight

    The higher velocity bullet will have more recoil.

    If bullet weight is not equal (which is more likely with different calibers), but the gun is, then the higher momentum (mass*velocity) will typically have more recoil if momentum is about equal (fast light bullet vs slow heavy bullet), then typically the higher velocity will feel snappier because the recoil is a shorter impulse.

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  • 3 years ago

    You need to spend more time on the firing line and less on YA. Recoil is "PERCEIVED" and some tolerate it more than others. Generally, the faster the projectile leaves the barrel, if the bullet weights are similar, the more perceived recoil. This also assumes the frame you're shooting from is identical. For example you can't compare a full size .45 1911 with a S&W 642, or a Ruger LCR.

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