To go out on a date with a guy from tinder or not? I'm 21!?

I m 21 and working already. I ve been single for 4 months now. Although I dated once after my ex bf and I broke up, it didn t blossom into a relationship. Anyway, I ve downloaded this app 2 months ago. I don t usually reply to messages of guys idk why but sometimes I m lazy or their questions are pretty much nonsense lol.

So This guy asked me out. He s 29 he always sends me a message he seems nice and Idk a lot about him. He asked me to hang out and I said yes and we ll hang out this Friday. Idk what to expect since I don t really want a relationship, and I m not particularly attracted to him. He also asked me the other day if I m naughty or what and I did not respond to him then he apologized. I think he just wants sex as well but Idc I wont give it to him. I just want to explore what's out there and meet people outside my own little world. I don't have much friends and when some guys asks me out (not from tinder) it's usually wrong timing and they won't ask me out again..

Anyway, is it okay to go out with someone from tinder? Or do I look desperate? We'll hang out at a mall eat then maybe have a couple of drinks

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  • 4 years ago
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    yeah! Every guy on Tinder only wants sex and that's it! He's just looking for a hookup! Yeah! Go out and have fun... but he's not looking for anything more! I think you should go! you're 21! I think it will be good for you to go on dates and have fun! But those sites like Badoo, Tinder, POF... you'll only meet losers (literally) who want to hook up with women for sex or have some kind of low self-esteem issue!

    Source(s): serial four year online dater
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