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Most beautiful women: Canada vs Australia?

Well, here is the deal I am thinking in going to one of this to extraordinary countries and I would like to know where you can find more beautiful women in this two countries.

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    Canada and Australia are both countries populated by relatively recent immigrants from different parts of the world. So neither Canadians or Australians have any specific physical features the way that some other people around the world do. But Canada and Australia have different proportions of immigration from different places.

    If you're attracted to French girls, there are a lot more people of French descent (esp. in Quebec) than in Australia. Canada seems to have a higher proportion of people of Scottish descent, while Australia has a higher proportion of people of English descent. So if you think Scottish girls are hotter than English, you might find more women you like in Canada. Canada has more South Asians, while Australia has a higher proportion of East and Southeast Asians. Canada has more black people. Canada may have more non-British Europeans. The list can go on- it depends on what you're attracted to.

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