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Did the Holocaust really happen?

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    Here are 22 Known Death camps please try and Prove anyone was Not Or prove they never existed

    Operation Reinhard Transit Camps: They Were Death Camps | Holocaust Denial on Trial

    Dont challenge me I have put up the Challenge you prove them wrong or never existed if you cant then shut up dont Challenge me to prove anything

    1.Auschwitz–Birkenau,Poland 2.5 Million including 1.2 Million Jews

    2.Bełżec, Poland 600,000 Jews

    2.Bergen-Belsen, Nazi Germany Liberation day there was 13,000 corpses Not burried

    4.Chełmno, Nazi Germany

    5.Dachau, Nazi Germany 43,000 died

    6.Gross-Rosen, Poland]

    7,Koldichevo, Belarus

    8.Majdanek, Poland

    9.Mauthausen, Austria

    10.Natzweiler/Struthof, France

    11.Neuengam, Nazi Germany

    12.Plaszow, Poland

    13.Sobibor, Poland 250,000, the majority being Jews.

    14.Stutthof, Danzig

    15.Theresienstadt, Czech Republic

    16.Treblinka, Poland 1,000,000 Jews Murdered here

    17.Sajmiste in Serbia,

    18. Logor Jasenovac in Serbia,

    19.Maly Trostenets in the USSR,

    20.Janowska, in Ukraine and

    21.Gornija Rijeka

    22.Jasenovac was Croatia’s largest death camp. And the worst in WW2 they Murdered some 700,000 serbs

    These sites were used to test the best way of exterminating People and Zyclon B was chosen as the best all from their own Mouths and Documentation and those that refuse to believe need Psychiatric help or are Closet Nazis

    Bełżec 600,000 deaths

    Sobibór 250,000 deaths

    Treblinka 900,000 deaths

    Lublin/Majdanek 130,000 deaths all from the German? Nazi records

    Poles 3 million +

    Yugoslavians 1.5 million +

    Gypsies 200,000 – 500,000

    Mentally/Physically Disabled70,000- 250,000

    Homosexuals Tens of thousands

    Spanish Republicans Tens of thousands

    Jehovah's Witnesses 2,500 – 5,000

    Boy and Girl Scouts, Clergy, Communists, Czechs, Deportees, Greeks, Political Prisoners, Other POWs, Resistance Fighters, Serbs, Socialists, Trade Unionists, Others Unknown

    The six million figure used in the Jewish death toll is an estimate for total lives lost. These Jewish lives were taken by a number of groups, not just Nazis. The six million figure includes Jewish lives lost in other countries as well, not just Germany, and by the various modes of killing, not just camp deaths. Ukrainian deaths were due to Russian and Nazi perpetrators alike, some killed on "acquired" German soil, others killed on Russian soil, some killed outright, others worked or starved to death.

    The total Murdered By the Nazis in WW2 was 15 Million including the 6 million Jews

    The Nazi Euthanasia Centre at Bernburg operated from 21 November 1940 to 30 July 1943 in a separate wing of the State Sanatorium and Mental Hospital Bernburg on the River Saale It was one of several euthanasia centres run by the Nazis under their official "Euthanasia Programme", later referred to after the war as Action T4. A total of 9,384 sick and handicapped people from 33 welfare institutions and nursing homes as well as around 5,000 prisoners from six concentration camps were killed here in a gas chamber using carbon monoxide gas.

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    What a silly question. Of course it did. There is no doubt whatsoever In fact, far from any doubt.

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    Of course it did. Open your eyes and look at the evidence. Interview the people who were there.

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    Does anyone of real merit doubt that it did? The greatest of image makers in the world at the time took photographs of its immediate aftermath during their conscription into armed forces. These images are available to anyone with a Netflix subscription.

    Or Night and Fog, which gives clear indication, event occurrence, particular space in today's reality, the contrast of the horror and its inert remnants.

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    3 years ago

    DUH YEAH!!!!

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    3 years ago

    I'm not going to bet my life on it, but the zionists keep hammering it into everyones mind.... I heard, Hitler after coming to power created 6 million new jobs and the Zionists needed to counter that number with something negative that Hitler hypothetically did so they claimed that 6 million of them died but it is very hard to proof and if you ask for one you get called anti semite and all kinds off nonsense. 50 million people died during WWII lets say 6 million were Jews which is horrible but what about the rest of the people? Its it horrible that over 40 million civilians (non jews) also died? out of 50 million who died only 2 million where in the military the rest were all civilians but the Zionists do not like to talk about it.

    • Incorrect. The Nazis killed around 20-25 million people, around 6 million of which was a designed campaign of annihilation against Bolsheviks in the figure of the Jew. The evidence of which is simply, no bodies. There were 3 million Polish Jews before WWII. Where are they after?

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    3 years ago

    Yes.. Many millions of Russians and Ukrainians were killed in the 20th century and millions of Armenians also perished

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    3 years ago

    Yes. Horrible as it was, it really happened and it was only 72 years ago.

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  • fcas80
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    3 years ago

    Yes it did. I base this on having listened in person to people who were imprisoned by Nazi Germany.

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