A toy rocket is launched straight up by using a spring.?

The rocket is initially pressed down on the spring so that the spring is compressed by 9 cm. If the spring constant is 830 n/m and the mass of the rocket is 50 g, how high will the rocket go?

I used the formula fs=kx to find the force and then put that into F=ma to find the acceleration of the rocket, but I am not sure where to go now to get the missing pieces that I need for the kinematics, please help and explain!

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  • 3 years ago
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    Do you have to use kinematics or can you use energy conservation?

    SPE = gpe

    1/2*k*x^2 = m*g*h

    h = k*x^2/(2*m*g)

    Plug in numbers with cm converted to m and g converted to kg

    h = 6.85 m

    That's what I got

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