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What early action did the Confederacy take to control lands west of the Mississippi River?

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    Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas all seceded and joined the CSA.

    In 1861, the Confederates launched offensives into New Mexico Territory and into Missouri, a slave state that remained in the Union. The offensives ultimately failed with defeats in the Battle of Glorieta Pass in New Mexico and the Battle of Pea Ridge in Arkansas, both of which took place in March of 1862.

    A second attempt to take Missouri ended with a Confederate defeat in the Battle of Westport, near Kansas City, on 23 October 1864.

    The Indian Territory (Oklahoma) sided with the Confederacy. The Cherokee General Stand Watie was actually the last Confederate officer to surrender his command in 1865.

    Much of Louisiana was eventually brought back under Union control, but Texas, Arkansas, and Indian Territory remained Confederate until the end of the war, even after the fall of Vicksburg cut them off from the rest of the CSA.

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