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Do you think strength beats speed in sword fight?

Speed VS Strength

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    As a swordsman speed is more useful. Strength helps with handling the sword, but speed is more applicable. Speed and proper technique.

    Let me add some things though. This also depends on the sword you are fighting with, how it's wielded, weight, point of balance, and technique. A quick example.

    Take the Renaissance Rapier. It is light, fluid, quick sword weighing about 2 lbs. It's primary fighting style is to thrust, stab, and make draw cuts (capo ferro). It is more important to have speed, great footwork, and technique. Especially speed bc it is a fast sword and a trained swordsman can put steel through target with ease and very quickly. Which is why in countering it is more important to have good foot work and technique...

    So you also have an offense and defense difference.

    And look at the Hand and Half Sword or Longsword. It is significantly heavier, wielded differently, and has totally different technique. Speed is not as important bc it is hard to wield with speed. Sure it's important, but the way it is used does not put much focus on speed as they do with strength and technique. Strength is important to keep the guard up and stay lithe and smooth with the blade to parry or riposte.

    Katana is also very different. Speed and technique are the most important.

    So it also depends on what you are wielding. But as a whole, speed is more important.

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    Timing is more important than speed. Someone that is slower but can read the opponent well enough to start his movement sooner can beat someone that is faster. Strength overcoming speed in a sword fight. No, not unless the stronger person has better timing and starts his cut sooner. Even then there are many other factors that effect the outcome. That is true of any situation. People like to debate which of these is better to have.. Speed, power, strength, bottom line is being good at any of them does not assure that you are a better fighter. You must consider distance, position, timing, and many other things that I have not even begun to mention. To debate which is best is silly. There are just to many factors and things can change during a fight too. Debating which is best is like trying to debate which thing, Rock, Paper, Scissors is better. Each can be a winner, but each can be defeated. There is no better.

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