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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 3 years ago

Whats the best things i can pack for Army basic training?

I leave for basic training in a couple months and i have been reserching things to bring that are not on the packing list. i.e moleskins, q-tips. any other tips or things that might make my life a little bit easier?

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    Toiletry kit (a small case that includes a hairbrush/comb,

    deodorant, soap, shaving kit, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush,

    toothpaste and dental floss, )

    Sturdy, "broken in" running shoes (no basketball or cross

    trainers, must be for jogging/running)

    Two casual civilian outfits (you will not be allowed to wear

    civilian clothes while in basic training Don't bring anything


    Cotton white underwear (males get brown underwear issued,

    while females are given the chance to buy white cotton underwear

    at the reception station)

    Athletic supporters (males)/sports bras (females)- white only

    Female hygiene kit (females)

    Five pairs of white, calf length socks (no stripes or other


    Towel and washcloth (No bright colors)

    ATM Card (occasionally you will be allowed to purchase items or

    services, so quick access to your money is essential)

    Sturdy watch (preferably waterproof, with alarm and nightlight)

    Pens/Pencil/Writing paper/Envelopes/Stamps/Small Notebook

    (You will need to take notes in class and you'll want to write home)

    Lock with Two Keys (Medium size. Drill sergeants keep one key

    in case you lose yours)

    Shower Shoes (Inexpensive flip-flops for walking around the

    barracks and in the shower)

    Small Ziploc Bags (to keep your notebook and papers dry)

    Portfolio or Large Envelope containing the following:

    Marriage certificate

    Divorce decrees (certified)

    Birth certificates for children under 18 (certified)

    Military orders sending you to training

    Enlistment contract

    Form SF 1199A and your bank account information

    What not to bring.

    Large amounts of cash ($50-$75 is all you need. The only place to

    secure money will be in your wall locker.)

    Expensive jewelry (Do not wear more than your wedding band. Gold

    chains get lost. Remember, you'll have dogtags around your neck.

    Religious medallions are okay as long as they're sturdy and can be

    hidden under your t-shirt)

    Radios, CD Players, Walkmans, Boomboxes etc. (They'll get locked

    away along with your personal bag and civilian clothes. Even

    though these items are locked away, there's always a chance your

    stuff might turn up missing)

    Reading Material (You will not be allowed to read anything but

    religious material. It's okay to bring magazines and books for your

    trip to basic training, but just be ready to pack these away in your

    civilian bag. Don't even attempt to bring pornographic or obscene


    Perfume/Cologne/Afthershave (Drill Sergeants will not allow you to

    wear these. Save yourselves the hassle.)

    Alcohol, all tobacco products and chewing gum (They will all be

    confiscated. You can't smoke, drink or chew here. Some

    companies allow trainees to chew gum later in the cycle as a

    privilege. Most don't)

    Prescription medications not prescribed by a military physician

    Braces/Wraps for legs, knees or feet or asthma inhalors (A drill

    sergeant will send you to the troop medical clinic to be examined by

    a military physician to determine what you need. Nothing you

    received or were prescribed by a civilian doctor will be accepted for

    your use here)

    Robes/Negligees/Pajamas (You will sleep in your physical fitness

    uniform, which consists of a gray t-shirt and black shorts. In cooler

    weather, you may wear the sweatshirt and pants)

    Your family (You will see them at graduation)

    Your privately owned vehicle (Trainees are not authorized to drive

    personal vehicles while in basic training)

    Weapons (This includes small pocket knives)

    Make-up/Nail Polish (You will not be allowed to wear make-up

    during the daily training. Some companies allow female trainees to

    wear modest make-up at graduation)

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  • Seriously?

    Your IDs, cell phone, charger, small amount of cash, debit card for the account your direct deposit is going to, an extra shirt, extra pair of socks and underwear, small personal hygiene kit and the paperwork packet your Recruter gives you. That's it. And the clothes on your back.

    All of the other BS on that stupid list you can buy there and in most cases you'll want to buy it there

    Anything else you bring outside of what I listed is going to make your life decidedly less easier. Especially when you have to lug all of it around along with two duffel bags of sh*t while getting screamed at.

    Source(s): Me. Retired after 26 years in the US Army
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  • 3 years ago

    Nothing that is not on this list your recruiter gave you.

    If you need anything in boot. You'll march with the whole platoon/company to the PX or BX and purchase them.

    FOLLOW instructions to the GD letter. Don't be that guy/girl that rocks the freaking boat.

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    • Ninefinger
      Lv 4
      3 years agoReport

      I had my wallet, cash, ID and a list of phone numbers. And the packet from the recruiter that was handed to the Marine escort at the airport. That's it.

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