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Cat keeps peeing only on MY favorite chair?

My boyfriend and I have a cat that is a little over a year old, female, never had any problems like this until we moved in together just a month or so ago. I have a papasan chair (the big round one with the comfy round cushion that goes in the middle), and it is my absolute favorite chair.

For some reason, my cat will not stop peeing on the chair! She's peed on it about 4 times (that we caught her), probably more than that since we aren't home during the day. We've tried everything to clean it to keep her from doing it but she just finds another spot on the cushion and pees there! The papasan cushion is ruined, and now I have to get a new one. She ONLY pees there, she doesn't pee anywhere else around the house (except her cat box). The box is always clean, and she gets plenty of attention when we are home. She's not ignored or neglected. I don't know if this makes a difference, but I am also 6 1/2 months pregnant. Is she maybe being defiant and acting out because of the fact that I am having a baby? Maybe she knows he is coming? Could this be the reason why she is peeing on only MY chair?

Whatever the case, I can't keep cleaning up cat pee. I'm afraid that when the baby comes she is going to try and pee on all his things, his baby seats, clothes, etc. We're going to end up getting rid of her if she doesn't stop. She only pees on THAT chair. Maybe it's marking territory but why hasn't she marked the rest of the house? Only my chair. Someone please explain this to me? Thank you...I'm starting to get really annoyed with her...

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    First see the vet and rule out urinary tract infections.

    Then look at how you react to this. Cats do not understand punishment of any kind and view it as a challenge. Never reprimand the cat for doing this. Yes, I know how hard that is! but it's great training for being a mom. This cat is still just a teenager. Do you plan to discard your baby when he goes through a rough patch? Then don't talk or think that way about an animal you took the responsibility of either. That won't serve you or your family well, and is frankly, childish.

    First, gather the facts:

    Your cat has chosen one spot, and is not peeing everywhere.

    It knows that is YOUR spot.

    The spot is ,marked with your scent.

    You are pregnant and it may be aware of that ( mine weren't - YMMV)

    You are doing the basics ( keeping the house clean and giving her attention)

    Cats are super clean and don't stray from their litter box without good reason. It's up to us as their humans to learn how to read behavior in order to keep them safe and sociable. You'll soon find it's very much the same with babies. This is good practice! Definitely not reason to give a pet up.

    Okay - now the questions and some suggestions:

    Ask anyone who works with animals - there are no bad animals, only bad relationships, and it is up to the human to change that. It can be done!

    Did you buy the chair second hand? Another cat may have peed there before you bought it ( possibly even in manufacture, since those come from parts of the world where people work out of their homes - also could have happened in shipping, etc.). Another possibility is that the chair is filled with something that smells like the cat's litter. When you replace the pad, have your cat inspect it when you first bring it home to make sure it's not having the same response. Then, keep it covered in plastic until the cat has moved on. If the cat moves on to another personal item of yours ( hats and shoes are favorites) then you will know this is about you - address that accordingly.

    About that - don't take offense to the following - doing so is counterproductive and won't get your cat to change its habits. I have not seen you interact with the cat, and this forum does not allow back and forth - so I'm covering all possibilities, not accusing you of anything . :

    Do you not allow the cat to sleep in your chair because of cat hair or whatever? Cats won't pee where they sleep, so that may be a mistake. Keep a towel on the chair when you're not in it if you don't like the fur, but don't make it off limits or she'll find another use ( and she did).

    Did you declaw the cat? BIG mistake if so. This is typical behavior of a ct that has been declawed. Litter hurts their paws so they avoid it. Besides, it's unforgivably cruel and illegal in nearly every country. Look it up on the Humane Society website to find out more.

    How loving is the cat towards you vs your husband? How loving are you towards the cat? Are you perhaps more familiar with dogs and treating her like one? That's a common mistake that can cause lots of problems. Cats and dogs think very differently ( for example, dogs require an alpha figure - cats don't. Cats are super sensitive; dogs usually aren't. ).

    Cats are highly sensitive to people, and will respond to 'vibes' you may not know you are putting out. I went to a dinner party in Paris where a guest was rude to me for being American. The host's cat made friends with me but peed on her fur coat - echoing a sentiment everyone there was feeling! I'm not saying you are of that caliber, but consider how hospitable you are to the cat. Yelling at or about a cat, shoving it off the bed, etc will make some cats respond as this one is. If your relationship is not good with your boyfriend she could be responding to that too. Great pet owners know pets do this, learn to read animals well, don't lump species together, etc. Doing this greatly improves our own lives, beginning with our relationship with that animal and extending to all our relationships - we learn a lot about humans as well as animals from this. Interestingly enough, the humans who are most resistant to this typically have the worst relationships with other humans (read animal posts here and you'll soon see what I mean!) Just goes to show...

    Having a cat is a great way to teach you how to parent, because cats and small children respond in similar ways to discomfort, feeling unsafe and other negative things going in their lives. Terrible parents take a non thinking 'do as I say' approach and don't see the results until the child is a rebellious teen or young adult, but with a cat you see it immediately, because that cat cuts right to the quick and will go pee in your shoe to get his point across. Don't fantasize for a moment that your child won't do exactly the same thing ( in his own way) - he'll just take longer and more destructive about it.

    You might consider having the cushion profession

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