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Should I disable Spybot IE protection?

So i've been surfing the web and stuff and one day I installed Spybot search and destroy and activated IE protection. Now my Internet browsing is really slow and sometimes it freezes my whole computer and this is a brand new computer. I feel scared to disable spybot IE protection, but I do have AVG 2013 free edition, so should I disable the Spybot IE add on?

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    Just uninstall it. I didn't know Spybot was still around. It wasn't very good 5 years ago and I thought it died out. AVG should be fine it has linkscanner with other program that has real time protection it's not surprising you browser is slow.

  • Jim
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    Spybot IE is a specific security feature to protect the Internet Explorer web browser in a specific way.

    If you use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox then turn it off but if you use Internet Explorer then turning it off reduces your protection.

    It does not do the same as your Antivirus because Spybot is for spyware not viruses.

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