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Why isn't TNA successful?

They can never sell out an arena like WWE can

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    I will answer your question with a question...How is TNA not successful?

    Let's take a look at TNA.

    TNA is 12 years old...

    TNA tours both nationally and internationally. Did you know that the WWE never toured internationally or nationally till the company was nearly 40 years old, yet TNA has accomplished this in less than 12 years. That is a SUCCESS.

    TNA was the first wrestling promotion to use Youtube, Twitter and other social media sites (yes TNA was even doing things WWE hadn't even thought of) TNA even was once the most viewed sports channel in You tube history. For a wrestling company that is only 12 years old, That is a SUCCESS.

    TNA's IMPACT show weekly, for nearly 3 years now has beaten WWE's RAW and SMACKDOWN both combined in terms of ratings in the UK. TNA is simply more popular and bigger in the UK now than WWE and it's not just the UK where this is happening. Other countries are following suite. That is a SUCCESS.

    TNA when head to head with the WWE's flagship show live on Monday night and what happened? TNA's ratings jumped nearly 1 million viewers and WWE's dropped nearly 1 million viewers. That is a SUCCESS. If only SPIKE would have allowed TNA to remain there and not bumped them back to Thursday for some new programming.

    I could this all day....

    The fact is TNA is a success for what they are. They are a 12 year old wresting company and when you compare them to other wrestling companies that are 12 years old or even 20 years old TNA is very SUCCESSFUL. Look no further than ROH. ROH was started 12 years ago as well and they havent accomplished 1/10th the level of success that TNA has. ROH isn't touring internationally. ROH doesn't have a TV deal with a major network, ROH doesn't draw higher ratings in the UK than the WWE. If you compared TNA at 12 years with WWE at 12 years, you'd think the WWE was doomed to succeed.

    TNA is the fastest growing wrestling promotion in the history of pro wrestling. That is SUCCESS.

    What you can't do is compare present WWE with present TNA. Because WWE has had over 60 years to grow and establish a fan base and fan support for their tours, and major events. TNA has had only 12 years.

    Many of you WWE fans think TNA will go under soon. Yet you forget that the WWE nearly went bankrupt 3 times in the 80's and 90's and they didn't have a multi billion dollar owner like TNA does. You forget that back in the 80's and early 90's when WWE was in it's 30's they were barely getting a 1.5 rating. Over TNA's 12 years they have averaged 1.3 rating. Which means TNA is well on the pace they should be.

    Let's also not forget that TNA has accomplished this despite the loss of wrestling fans to MMA.

    TNA will always be around for as long as the Carters want it to.

    WWE is another story. Vince McMahon is about to retire and step down. WWE is rumored to be for sale. Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon and Linda McMahon have all sold nearly 99% of their share of the company. WHY? WWE is struggling so hard to find successful new talent that they have been bringing back many old has been's to fill the void.

    The point of all this is simple...TNA is a success when compared to other 12 year old wrestling companies and other companies in the wrestling's history and their growth rates. Are we impatient and want TNA to be huge and as big as the WWE? yes, but that's not realistic at this time. TNA needs decades to grow and establish themselves. The now generation needs to cool their jets and realize TNA is growing and is successful just maybe not as fast as we would all like it to be.

    Support the wrestling industry. Support TNA, ROH and WWE. Support the industry!!

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    They made some very questionable decisions. Despite having some of the greatest professional wrestler's (who are now main eventing in other companies) they treated them like curtain jerkers in favor of washed up wrestler's and WWE rejects. For a short while during 2011 they seemed like they had their **** together but they botched it and in the following years they lost 80% of the talent responsible for generating their buzz

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