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The movie "The Dirty Dozen" is 40 years old, are any of the original cast members still alive?

Any idea who, and how old they might be? The movie is on right now, and I was just curious. Right now one of the prisioners is climbing a rope, and a machine gun comes out!

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    Lee Marvin (deceased)... Major Reisman

    Ernest Borgnine ... General Worden

    Charles Bronson (deceased)... Joseph Wladislaw

    Jim Brown ... Robert Jefferson

    John Cassavetes (deceased) ... Victor Franko

    Richard Jaeckel (deceased)... Sergeant Bowren

    George Kennedy ... Major Max Armbruster

    Trini López ... Pedro Jiminez (as Trini Lopez)

    Ralph Meeker (deceased)... Captain Stuart Kinder

    Robert Ryan (deceased)... Col. Everett Dasher Breed

    Telly Savalas (deceased) ... Archer Maggott

    Donald Sutherland ... Vernon Pinkley

    Clint Walker ... Samson Posey

    Robert Webber (deceased)... General Denton

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    It's fifty years old and most of the stars are dead. The ones who are still alive are Jim Brown who played Jefferson, Trini Lopez who played Jimenez, Clint Walker who played Posey, and Donald Sutherland who played Pinkley. It's also not clear if Stewart Cooper, who played Roscoe Lever (a member of the Dozen who I don't think even has any lines) is still alive or not.

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  • 3 years ago

    Main characters: Jim Brown, 81, Trini Lopez, 79, and Clint Walker, 89, are alive.

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