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Is it better to take medicine or tough out the sickness?

If you have the cold or a sore throat or you're just sick in general, is it better to take medicine or antibiotics or will your body be able to take care of itself? Also does not using medicine strengthen your immune system?

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    Medication in general,such as over the counter cold medication doesn't 'cure' anything. All they do is help to relieve the symptoms until your immune system fights off the infection/bug.

    Coming into contact with germs over a period of time does strengthen and build up your immunity. Taking medication or not taking medication doesn't really matter. Though specifically with medications like antibiotics,it's best to only take them when absolutely necessary.

    *Antibiotics are only useful in fighting off bacterial infections,not viral infections such as colds.

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    The best thing to do for a cold or the flu is to hunker down and take opioid narcotics to improve your general comfort. It shouldn't last for more than a few days.

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    it is better to try mms, you should try to familiarize yourself with it, it just fixed my need to pee at night.....antibiotics are horrible, ever hear of mycotoxins ? here, read ; , this mms business is on the cutting edge and needs to be explored by people, to at least read up on it ! for your avg cold, apple cider vinegar works great, but so does the mms...there is also cds and pills and capsules...a lot to go over and consider too. cheers ! probiotics strengthen your immune function, not toxic antibiotics.

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    Depends on the nature of your illness. If it's viral, no antibiotics. It's wise to treat your symptoms, for your own comfort.

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    There is no cure for the common cold or flu. Medicines only make you feel better because they suppress the urge to cough, clear a stuffy nose, or bring our fever down.

    Unless you can't sleep because of your cough/stuffiness or your fever is at risk of getting dangerously high, medicines really aren't needed for such basic things.

    Antibiotics, however, usually means it's an infection, not just a cold or the flu, and if they are prescribed, you should take them to get rid of the infection.

    When it comes to sore throats:

    Waking with a sore throat that goes away after you drink something - or is gone by lunchtime or the like - and you don't have any other symptoms, it's most often a sign that your house is dry and a simple humidifier can "cure" the problem. This happens to almost everyone at some point in their life, most notably in winter, but it can happen during any season. However, IF the sore throat lasts more than a day or two, you should be checked by your doctor to make sure it's not strep, mono, or something else more serious that does need meds.

    It's really up to YOU as far as basic medicines. You know your body best. If you're old enough to use a computer/cell phone to get online, you should be old enough to know when it is a common cold/flu versus when it could be something more serious.

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    Medicine has NO effect on immune response - and if there is ANY it will likely be compromising it. Taking antibiotics makes zero sense unless a bacterial infection has been proven or strongly suspected. The vast majority of sore throats and upper respiratory symptoms are of viral causes and no medicine exists that will shorten the course of the illness.

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