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In Sims 2 how do you earn talent badges?

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    You earn talent badges by using objects or doing certain actions that increase that talent level.

    Toy-making: Make toys using the toy machine (it's found in the hobbies section in Buy Mode)

    Robotics: Build robots by using the robot machine (by the toy machine)

    Flower-arranging: Make flower arrangements by using the flower stand (by the toy and robot machine)

    Fishing: Fish in a pond (the pond must be deep enough or else your sim will not be able to fish there)

    Cosmetology: Have your sim give other sims makeovers (the chair is found in the misc. section of the chairs and in order to use it you will have to direct your sim to give the other sim a makeover by clicking on the chair andselecting Give (insert name here) a makeover)

    Sales: Have your sim use sell interactions while in a business.

    Cashiering: Have your sim manage the cash register in a business(it is found in the electronics section. Your sim will have to actually take money and etc. to actually earn points)

    Restocking: Have your sim restock items that are gone while in a business. (You can either click on your sim and select Restock or click on the out of stock signs and select Restock.)

    I think that's all of them for Open for Business...

    By the way, there's an easier way to get talent badges, but it will require a cheat. CTRL SHIFT C and type BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true. Right-click on your sim and Select Spawn... Badge Juicer. A boat thing should appear next to your sim. Left click on that and select whatever you want for the badges. You can always turn off the cheat by typing BoolProp testingcheatsenabled false in the cheat box.

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