Chemical Equation Problem (Pls show your consequences)?

Nitrogen dioxide reacts with water according to the following equation:

3NO₂ + H₂O »2HNO₃ +NO

If 23g of nitrogen dioxide was reacted, calculate the mass of nitric acid produced.

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  • 3 years ago
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    3NO2 + H2O ===> 2HNO3 + NO Balanced equation

    moles of NO2 used = 23 g x 1 mol/46 g = 0.5 moles NO2 used

    moles HNO3 produced = 2 mol HNO3/3 moles NO x 0.5 moles NO = 0.33 moles HNO3 produced (see mole ratio in balanced eq)

    mass HNO3 produced = 0.33 mole HNO3 x 63 g/mole = 21 g (to 2 significant figures)

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