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Alabama Virtual School?

Hey, what are some schools in Alabama that offer a Virtual School Program through the school? Or what are some cheap creditable online homeschools that I can look into for next year?

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    Alabama virtual school:

    Technically homeschooling doesn't exist in Alabama. You either have to enroll in a religious private school licensed to operate in AL that offers an at home program, or you have to use licensed teachers as tutors.

    ETA: Yes, in 2014 there were new educational bills that would have made a difference and added the term homeschool and would have allowed homeschooling via setting up a private school within one's own home. However the bill that passed into law, while relaxing some of the laws governing private schools , did not make it as easy to homeschool independently as many speculated.

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    Try The Ogburn Online School. The school is nationally as well as regionally accredited. They are affordable too So I think it's worth to join.

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