what is the highest? a lawyer a district attorney or an attorney?

can an attorney become a district attorney if elected from the city or state? who is the highest person in these 3? i heard an attorney and lawyer are basically the same things

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  • 3 years ago
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    In the United States, a lawyer is someone with a law degree.

    An attorney is a lawyer who has passed the state bar and has paying clients.

    A District Attorney is an attorney usually appointed or elected by the local county or city to prosecute state or city crimes. Many District Attorneys for larger counties and cities are figureheads and administrative heads and they sometimes try the really big cases. Those District Attorneys usually have deputy district attorneys and sometimes a chief deputy that manage and try all the cases. The federal government also has US Attorneys to prosecute federal crimes.

    The Attorney General for a State is the state's lawyer. Because the state has many agencies and interest, most states have a slew of Assistant Attorney Generals. Each state is different. The United States also has an Attorney General. The current AG is Michael B Mukasey. Obama will nominate Eric Holder as the next AG.

  • 3 years ago

    In the U.S., a lawyer and an attorney are the same thing. However, in most other English-speaking countries, there are two different kinds of lawyers: an "attorney" and a "solicitor".

  • WRG
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    3 years ago

    A lawyer and an attorney are the same thing. A DA is just a lawyer that either got elected to be the prosecutor.

    There is no higher or lower rank between them.

  • Stoo
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    3 years ago

    Lawyers are attorneys. A district attorney is a lawyer working for the state, that's all. They're not "higher" than anyone else, that's just their job.

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