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Additional Cardholder - What's the deal?

My partner is applying for a credit card. We would like to add me as an additional card holder, but I have really bad credit. Do they check into my credit, and does this affect the application? Or do they merely put the name on the card?

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    If your husband just adds an additional card for you then yes it will report to you the credit bureau on you and help to build your credit. If your husband for some reason didn't pay would report negative on his credit report but not on yours. Credit card companies only report positive information on an additional card holders credit report and you are not required to pay for anything on the account. Everything would be your husbands responsibility. I added my husband on my cards because he has bad credit and it's helped to build his credit up without being responsible to pay for it. But they won't check your credit if your an additional card holder they would check your credit if ya'll applied for a joint account making both of you responsible to pay for it.

  • Dan B
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    3 years ago

    Your bad credit is a sign that your partner should NOT add you as and additional card holder or even an authorized user. Your credit may keep your partner from getting that card.

  • Tavy
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    3 years ago

    They always check your credit first. They will not allow it.

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