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Can I still apply for EI benefits?

I have a Record Of Employment dated 20 June 2008. Can I apply for EI on Monday September the 8th or its to late...

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    You can apply, but your benefits may begin around July 20. If you wait more than 4 week after your last day worked to apply for EI, you have to ask for your claim to be antedated. Asking does not always mean they will grant have to come up with a VERY good reason why you didnt apply sooner. Not knowing you should/could have isnt very good reason and neither is hoping you would be called back to work sooner.

    But...EI will decide for themselves if they accept your reason for antedate and you can still apply if you need to. (your application should prompt you to respond to why you waited so long to apply...if it doesnt, call Service Canada and request an antedate request)


    When should I apply for EI?

    You must request your Record(s) of Employment (ROE) from your last employer as well as from any employer(s) you worked for in the last 52 weeks. Submit your application as soon as possible whether or not you have your ROE(s).

    Delaying in filing your claim for benefits beyond than 4 weeks after your last day of work may cause loss of benefits.

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    You have to apply within 30 days. 9 years is a bit much.

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