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How can I register Microsoft Office 2013 outside my region?

BACKGROUND: I'm currently studying abroad in the UK, and I got a new computer prior to leaving the US. About a month ago, Microsoft Office began asking me for my product code even though I swore I had registered upon purchase. However, when I went to enter the code it came up with an error stating that it wouldn't work because I was outside my region. When I spoke to Microsoft they said that the code was most likely blocked, and that I could unblock it if I called back with certain information. Then, I called Dell at my father's insistence, and they claimed that I had accidentally downloaded a trial version along with the purchased Office, and that's what the problem was.They then proceeded to crash my computer and lost all my files in the process. Their solution was for me to call Microsoft back.

At Microsoft, I did not get a code because they claimed that it wasn't a region problem but a virus on my computer. They did manage to correctly install Office while wiping the virus, but then my computer crashed again. I called Dell back, and their answer was to download Office again, but without entering a code. Even though the error message was still popping up, their solution was to merely exit out of the box. I'm pretty sure they thought I was stupid, and that I'd be satisfied even though the error clearly stated that I would have to start this madness all over again in a months time.

QUESTION: So my trial expired again, and I have no way of entering the product key because I'm still in the UK. Is there any way around the geographic block without getting this key that they're clearly not interested in giving me? I'd rather not go through that whole process again, it was awful... I have a Dell with Windows 8, trying to enter a code for Office 2013.


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    3 years ago
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    Look at your Microsoft Office key card. What does it say next to Microsoft Office 2013? Is there a country code next to it, like US or NORTHAM? This means that your Office IS meant for distribution only in the US or North America. I know this because Dell sent me a product key that wouldn't work and after much frustration I discovered that it has LATINAM next to Microsoft Office, and that meant it would only work in Latin America. So if you DO have a regional version, there's no getting around the geographical block.

    The easiest solution would be for Dell to give you a new code for Office, one that will work in the UK. I don't know if they'll do that for you, but that would be the easiest. Did you buy the computer from them, or did you get it at retail? They have more ownership of the issue if you bought the computer from them. They'll have a record of your last call and everything that went on, and you can tell them about calling Microsoft and how much of a clusterfark that was. Dell's solution of downloading Office again without entering a code was irresponsible. They knew you would have the same issue in a month.

    You could also call Microsoft back and see if they will unblock the code with that "certain information" they asked for. It's a major hassle that you shouldn't have to go through, but I don't see any way that you won't have to end up calling both Microsoft and Dell again. I'd start with Microsoft and see what they say, since they're the ones who can most directly resolve this issue for you. .

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