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How do Reform Jews observe Shabbat?

Generally speaking how would a Reform Jew observe Shabbat compared to an Orthodox Jew? Do some of them not observe Shabbat at all ever? Also, do Reform Jews generally know any Hebrew or not?

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    With apologies to the first answerer and all the people giving him/her thumbs up, Reform Jews do not observe Shabbat in anything resembling the same way that Orthodox Jews do. An Orthodox Jew would never say that sometimes working on the Sabbath is unavoidable - Orthodox Jews would never take a job where that was the case.

    Reform Judaism does not accept the Torah laws as binding. So not only do they not keep all of the laws of the Sabbath that Orthodox Jews do, they do not believe that it is necessary to do so. This is NOT a judgment against Reform Judaism or an attempt to say that their way of keeping Shabbat is invalid - they have a right to their beliefs and practices, and many Reform Jews are deeply religious and keep Shabbat according to those beliefs and practices. I am ONLY saying that it is not in any way the same set of practices as Orthodox Jews follow. For example, Reform Jews will drive to synagogue, use a microphone at services, adjust the lights and air conditioning during services if necessary, play musical instruments as part of the service, and other modern accommodations that are not allowed according to halacha (Jewish law). They may buy kosher chicken, and will not serve pork, but are unlikely to have fully kosher homes, and do have a problem with cooking or reheating foods on the Sabbath. Again, this is not an attack on Reform Jews, only a statement - it is not considered necessary according to Reform Judaism to do otherwise.

    Honestly, the vast majority of Reform Jews do not go to synagogue at all once they pass the age of bar/bat mitzvah, except for the high holidays. They may set the Sabbath aside as a day to take it easy, but it is not a strict practice. They certainly would not avoid shopping, going online, watching TV, or going to sports events simply because of the Sabbath. It's not asked of them. And there are plenty of Reform Jews who only call themselves Reform because we don't have the term "lapsed," the way Catholics do. Basically the synagogue they never go to would be the Reform one ;)

    Reform Jews do learn Hebrew, as part of bar and bat mitzvah training. The services are at least half in Hebrew (another difference there: Orthodox services are entirely in Hebrew), and the Torah and Haftorah portions are always in Hebrew as well. In addition, many Reform Jews have a love for Israel that leads them to study Modern Hebrew and become fluent. Not the majority, but in large enough numbers that it would be wrong not to mention it.

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    The level of observance among Reform Jews (including myself) varies considerably; there's no single consensus. By and large, most probably light Shabbat candles and say the blessings over wine and bread. Some Reform Jews will also go to services on Friday night and/or Saturday morning. My guess is that relatively few will abstain from working on Shabbat. By the way, "work" is defined as those activities that were involved in making the sanctuary in the wilderness. Although one can't light a fire on Shabbat, you can move heavy furniture to your heart's content.

    Source(s): I'm Jewish.
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