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TV shows similar to Lost on Netflix?

Ok, ok, I know this question has been asked a dozen times... But, since I've finished Lost I've checked out lots of shows but none of them have come even close. Please don't recommend The Walking Dead, I'm not into anything gory. I enjoyed shows like The Event, V, Persons Unknown, Terra Nova, and Alcatraz.. but unfortunately, they were all canceled on cliff hangers. I'm looking for something that has an ending and is also on Netflix. Any suggestions?

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    Two of the Lost writers that were there all 6 seasons are now the main writers on Once Upon A Time. It has a lot of Lost references in it, like an Oceanic plane, Geronimo Jackson for example, but nothing too big so that you will not miss anything if you don't know Lost. Look up the characters of Belle, King George and Anton to see some familar faces. Belle was added to the main cast for Season 2 and Anton recently showed up again. Both Lost and OUAT use half flashbacks and half present story in their episodes.

    Basic start of the plot:

    It starts off with the typical Snow White ending, Prince Charming's kiss wakes her up and they go have a wedding. But there is an uninvited guest, the Evil Queen is still alive. She promises to destroy the happiness of everyone in the Enchanted Forest.

    Rumpelstiltskin makes a deal and tells the EQ how to activate a dark curse, but warns her if she does she'll always be empty inside. She activates it anyway, a year after the wedding by killing the one person she still loves, her father Henry. Rumpelstiltskin also warns Snow and Charming of the curse, and it can only be broken by their daughter starting on her 28th birthday. The curse hits the same day Snow gives birth, Charming sends their baby girl Emma magically away and is wounded by the EQ's knights. The EQ laughs at Snow and an unconscious Charming, saying they're about to go somewhere horrible, and it's her happy ending.

    Our world: On her 28th birthday Emma Swan is shocked to find the boy she gave up for adoption 10 years ago has found her, his name is Henry. He lives in Storybrooke Maine, a small town where he claims everyone there is a fairytale character from his book. The woman that adopted him is Mayor Regina Mills, who he says is the Evil Queen who activated a curse and stole the happy endings form everyone and only Emma can fix it all.

    Henry tells her nobody can leave the town, and have been trapped there, ageless, for 28 years with screwed up memories, having no idea they're really fairytale characters. And everyone is miserable deep down but don't know why. Emma decides to stay after realizing Henry needs her help. (She thinks he's a troubled kid because of Regina, and wants him to work through his "fantasies"). She becomes close friends with his teacher, Mary Margret. (Snow White).

    Each episode focuses on one sometimes two characters in Storybrooke, while showing their fairytale lives in flashbacks. Other than Snow White's story, there is Rumplestitlskin, Jimmny Cricket, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Belle, and Cinderella to name a few. They all tie to Snow/Charming/Emma/Evil Queen/Rumplestiltskin somehow. Their is also more plans to bring in different fairytales as the show goes on. Most of the stories are told in a new way, like the Genie and the Queen's Magic Mirror are the same person. There are many kingdoms, it's not clear how far the curse reached, for instance Wonderland was shown, but as somewhere farther away from the main fairytales.

    I like it a lot, it's pretty good, especially for a show with just one and a half seasons so far. Season 1 has 22 episodes, and was renewed for a Season 2 starting September 30th, 15 episodes of Season 2 have aired so far. The Season 1 finale seemed to be a real game-changer, it was awesome.

    Season 1 should be on Netflix.

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    The first season of Wayward Pines. I think there's more but if you just watch the first it's very Lost-like and comes to a conclusion.

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    I don't know if these are currently on Netflix. I know most of them were a while back, so hopefully this hasn't changed.


    Battlestar Galactica


    Person of Interest

    Colony (still airing, but has been renewed for a third season)


    American Horror Story

    The Magicians (also still airing but renewed for a third season)



    The X-Files



    Orphan Black

    Life on Mars (the British version, plus the follow-up, Ashes to Ashes)

    Breaking Bad


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    I have seen lost back then and when it ended I came here to yahoo and asked the same question you did, there is no tv show similar to lost I searched everywhere , lost is so unique and so good that I gave up and finally started to rewatch it again,

    I can suggest a few tv shows even though they are nothing compare to lost.

    Under the dome?




    Heroes <-- super good

    Maybe try person of interest

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