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1. What is the main reason many people stop working on farms in Mexico? (1 point)

poor health

not enough farm work

new labor laws

land is too valuable

2. A problem facing all people living in Mexico City is

(1 point)

increased pollution.

having only a few farms.

a lack of education.

no place to buy food.

3. During the Civil War that began in Guatemala about 1960, _________________. (1 point)

the Mayas gained political power.

the Mayas benefitted from land reform.

many Mayas lost all of their belongings.

the Mayas agreed to share political power.

4. Most of the land in Guatemala belongs to

(1 point)

indigenous people.

foreign investors.

a few rich families.

the government.

5. The Panama Canal is the only way to sail from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean without going around (1 point)


North America.


South America.

6. Which statement best describes the Panama Canal? (1 point)

Its entire length is at sea level.

The workers who built the canal were mostly from Panama.

It is thousands of miles long.

Ships pass through the Panama Canal at all hours all year long.

7. What event in 1959 changed the relationship between Cuba and the United States? (1 point)Cuba's sugar production dropped.

Cuba became popular as a tourist resort.

Fulgencio Batista came to power.

Fidel Castro came to power.

8. Which of the following statements about modern Cuba is true? (1 point)

Most Cubans are rich.

The majority of Cubans cannot read.

The economy is near collapse.

Some businesses are now privately owned and run.

9. Haiti is the only nation in the Americas formed (1 point)

when it fought the Dominican Republic for independence.

from a successful revolt of enslaved Africans.

when Spain granted the country independence.

by democratic means.

10. Why is it hard for farmers to grow crops in Haiti? (1 point)

Jean-Bertrand Aristide does not support farming in Haiti.

It is illegal to grow most crops.

The land has been overused and the topsoil washed away.

Most of the farmers left.

11. The ancestry of most Puerto Rican people is a combination of (1 point)

African and Spanish.

American and French.

Italian and Portuguese.

Mexican and Spanish.

12. Why did the government of Brazil move the country's capital? (1 point)

Portugal took over the old capital.

Brazil wanted to encourage people to move to the coast of the country.

Brazil wanted to encourage people to move to the interior parts of the country.

There was too much pollution in the old capital.

13. Which expression best describes the climate of the selva? (1 point)

cold and dry

cold and wet

hot and dry

hot and wet

14. What is unusual about the islands of Lake Titicaca? (1 point)

The islands sink and then reappear every one to two weeks.

The islands contain some of the richest farmland in Peru.

The islands were made by Native Americans from totora reeds.

The islands are home to a rare species of tropical lizard.

15. Farmers in Chile raise (1 point)

a variety of fruits and vegetables.

only coffee beans.

only potatoes.

grass and small shrubs.

16. Until recently, Chile's economy depended heavily upon (1 point)

mineral exports.



manufacturing products for export.

17. What caused many Venezuelans to lose their jobs in the mid–1980s? (1 point)

several years of violence

a military takeover of the government

poor weather for growing crops

a drop in the price of oil

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    1. not enough farm work

    2. Increased pollution

    3.many mayas lost all their belongings

    4.a few rich families

    5. south america

    6.ships pass through the panama canal at all hours all year long

    7.fidel castro came to power

    8.some businesses are now privately owned and run

    9.from a successful revolt of enslaved africans

    10.the land has been overused and the topsoil washed away

    11.african and spanish

    12.brazil wanted to encourage people to move to the interior parts of the country and wet

    14.the islands were made by native americans from totora reeds

    15.a veriety of fruits and vegetables

    16.mineral ecports

    17.a srop in the price of oil

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    I had the same review.

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