how to get music in animal crossing city folk?

you know how people have radios or whatever in their rooms

and they have like different CDs where can i buy those or get them?

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    Animal Crossing City Folk has the same concept as the gamecube and DS version. Just visit the museum on Saturday night (8p.m.-12a.m.). Go downstairs to the Roost and K.K. Slider will be on the stage. Talk to him and ask him to play a song. He'll play a song according to your mood, request or random song. (You get to pick one option). Visit him every week until you get all the songs:

    Agent K.K.

    Aloha K.K.

    Cafe K.K.

    Comrade K.K.

    DJ K.K.

    Forest Life

    Go K.K. Rider!

    Imperial K.K.

    K.K. Aria

    K.K. Ballad

    K.K. Blues

    K.K. Bossa

    K.K. Calypso

    K.K. Casbah

    K.K. Chorale

    K.K. Condor

    K.K. Country

    K.K. Crusin'

    K.K. D and B

    K.K. Dirge

    K.K. Dixie

    K.K. Etude

    K.K. Faire

    K.K. Folk

    K.K. Fusion

    K.K. Gumbo

    K.K. House

    K.K. Jazz

    K.K. Lament

    K.K. Love Song

    K.K. Lullaby

    K.K. Mambo

    K.K. Marathon

    K.K. March

    K.K. Metal

    K.K. Parade

    K.K. Ragtime

    K.K. Rally

    K.K. Reggae

    K.K. Rock

    K.K. Rockabilly

    K.K. Safari

    K.K. Salsa

    K.K. Samba

    K.K. Ska

    K.K. Sonata

    K.K. Song

    K.K. Soul

    K.K. Steppe

    K.K. Swing

    K.K. Tango

    K.K. Technopop

    K.K. Waltz

    K.K. Western

    King K.K.

    Lucky K.K.

    Marine Song 2001

    Mountain Song

    Mr. K.K.

    My Place


    Only Me


    Rockin' K.K.

    Senor K.K.

    Soulful K.K.

    Spring Blossoms

    Stale Cupcakes

    Steep Hill

    Surfin' K.K.

    The K. Funk

    To The Edge

    Two Days Ago


    Make sure when you request a song, to include the punctuation marks. You can time travel as well to increase your music collection.

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    There's a white dog who performs in the town every Saturday evening between 8:00 and midnight. I'm not sure where to locate him in City Folk, but I would first try the museum. Once you visit him, he'll offer to play you a song. He'll also give you the option of making a request, such as K.K. Rock, K.K. Country, K.K. Classical, etc... Otherwise, he'll just play you a random tune and give you the aircheck to it, which you can bring to your house and play it in whatever kind of music player you have.

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  • 3 years ago

    Music players (Boom Boxes, Radios, CD Players, Jukebox, ect.) can be purchased from Tom Nook or obtained elsewhere.

    To get the MUSIC to play on them, you will need to visit K.K. Slider, who appears at The Roost (in the Museum) from 8:00 PM - Midnight EVERY Saturday (K.K. Slider will be at The Roost starting 7:30 PM, but he won't be ready to play until 8:00 PM).

    While K.K. will play as many songs as you like (he does take requests... as only certain songs can only be obtained that way), he'll only give you a "bootleg" of the first song he plays per player (unless your pockets are full, preventing him from doing so). Since bootlegs are tradeable items (Nook won't give you any Bells for them), you can exchange them with others (which is a bit harder now, since online services have been discontinued).

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