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In regard to the movie Seven why was the location of the finale in Arizona desert instead of outside NYC?

The Entire move setting was shot in NYC? so how did the end of the move take place in the Arizona Desert?

is this a BUDGET issue? is this just more for DRAMATICS? anyone REALLY KNOW?

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    They never state which city this movie takes place in. It could be NY or even Chicago because Mills and his wife live in an apartment that has a train running by constantly. The only clue we get is the orange jumpsuit John Doe wears that reads "Bardach County Jail". If you search "Bardach County" in any search engine, all you get is information on this movie. Bardach county does not really exist.

    Personally I think this was supposed to be a California city, most likely LA. That would help explain the city atmosphere but still be able to be close enough to a desert style landscape for this scene. And I dont buy the "it's raining too much to be California". It does rain in California!! Besides, the rain was used primarily as a mood setter not an indicator of where they lived.

    Director David Fincher explained the rain, mood and city atmosphere by statinghe wanted to show a city that was "dirty, violent, polluted, often depressing. Visually and stylistically, that's how we wanted to portray this world. Everything needed to be as authentic and raw as possible."

    Screenplay writer Andrew Kevin Walker said a lot of his insipration came from when he lived in NYC.

    This was filmed in both LA and NY though, and at one point Sommerset comes out of the Chester Williams Building. This building is in LA but most people dont know this fact, and it is unclear if this is even supposed to mean that the city is definately LA.

    Thats the best help I can give you. But it definately wasnt budget or anything. It was the dramatics of being in an open area with the "nowhere to run, nowhere to hide" type of feel for the final conflict.

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    Although screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker has said that the film was inspired by his time living in New York, the fictional city in Se7en is never named and is supposed to be a generic city. Almost all of the film was filmed in and around Los Angeles, although you'd be forgiven for not knowing that due to the near constant rain and things like the presence of an elevated train near Brad Pitt's apartment. So the presence of a desert outside town fits with the Los Angeles location. It also works nicely within the context and feel of the film. They wanted a deserted and desolate location in which to have the final showdown with John Doe, and from a plot perspective, they wanted Mills and Somerset to be able to see the delivery van long before it arrived there.

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    The director or writer must have imagined that scene in the desert for dramatic affect, and that's where they filmed it. It's their art.

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    What makes you think it takes place in New York? It was actually filmed in LA, and in the movie they never say what city they are in.

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