how do i become a courtroom sketch artist?

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    3 years ago
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    I have done this professionally. I was approached by a network television station and asked. I was known for my drawing ability: able to draw people (as well as cars, weapons, architectural details, clothing, and so on) very quickly and very accurately (I also teach drawing).

    Although I used to do this quite regulary, the use of cameras in the courtroom have replaced many of the live courtroom artists and the demand is not what it once was.

    If you really want to do this, you must be able to draw VERY QUICKLY! You often only have a few MINUTES to draw someone who is on the stand. You must be very good at capturing someone's likeness quickly. You must be very strong with portraiture. You must be quite at ease with the materials you use: chalk, oil pastels, markers, etcetera. Again, time is the biggest factor. The sketches must be done quickly and given immediately to the station to prep for airing on the news.

    If you feel you can do this, make up some samples and approach your local television stations. Perhaps they will use your work. Depending on the station and/or your skills, you will get paid by the sketch or by the day.

    Due to security, it is often difficult to get up close enough to get a good view of the defendants, attorneys, etc., unless you are associated with a station. If you know any lawyers or someome at court, perhaps they will let you come in and try your hand.

    VERY IMPT! In court you must be very quiet (NO talking, no digging around in your tool box) and cannot be getting up and moving around for a better view. Once you are in your seat, you have to make it work from where you are. This is why you often see sketches done in profile or from the back.

    Good luck!

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    Dude, I went to Google and put these words in -- becoming a courtroom sketch artist

    ALL the info came up right away.

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