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Attack on Titan manga?

I watched Attack on Titan and I really really liked it and I want to read the manga (at least up to the point where the show left off) but I've never read manga before so I don't know how volumes/chapters work? So where should I find volumes or w/e (online or where to buy it - in english)

also theres some other books and stuff so what order should i read things in?

basically I am asking for someone to dumb everything down for me :P


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    Since Attack of Titan is popular and has been licensed, you can find volumes in bookstores in the US (no clue about other English speaking countries) in the manga section. There should be a number on the spine indicating what volume it is, so just start by buying volume 1. Keep in mind that manga is read from right to left.

    Alternatively, there are many websites online on which one can read manga that has been translated into English by fans.

    As for how volumes and chapters work, when manga is released in Japan it normally first appears in a manga magazine in a small chunk called a chapter. When they release a book of the manga it will contain several chapters and be called a volume. Think of a chapter as being a chapter in a novel, and a volume being a novel in a series of novels. The only difference is the chapter count doesn't reset back to one between volumes.

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    Manga is first published in chapters. These appear in magazines that have a bunch if different series going at once. Once there are enough chapters out, they are compiled into volumes (usually 4-9 chapters depending on how long they are). Both chapters and volumes are arranged by number, so it s easy to go in order. Just start with Chapter 1 in Volume 1 and go from there.

    Attack On Titan does have a few spin off manga series, but they don t relate to the main story, so you don t have to read them if you don t want to. Attack Junior High is a chibi parody series where the characters are in Junior High School. No Regrets is the back story of Levi. Before the Fall takes place 75 years before the main story and covers some of the history. There are a couple others, but I don t know them so well.

    Most book stores sell manga, and Attack on Titan is pretty popular. Comic book stores tend to have manga as well. Online places like Amazon have it too. Some libraries also have manga, so check that out if you can.

    You may find it tricky to actually read the manga. It is backwards from how English books are read. You start at the back of the book, and also read the panels right to left (the text is still like reading in English). Many manga to have a littler How to guide and will help you get it sorted. It can be a bit confusing at first, but hopefully you get the hang of it pretty quick.

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