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Is medicare part F the Cadillac plan?

I'm totally confused. One agent I spoke with said this is the very best plan with no deductibles, no co pays, and access to way more Drs. & hospitals nationwide. Another told me Part G is better because part F will be eliminated in 2020. I'm in California & have been told I am lucky because they have the birthday law. Please explain. From what I understand a medigap policy is much better, is this true?

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    Forget the term "Cadillac plan".

    That just describes a very good health insurance policy; usually one provided by a very large employer, union, or government.

    First off, be aware that it is Plan F or G, not Part F or G. Medicare has parts. Part A is the hospital coverage, Part B is doctors and outpatient, Part C are the Medicare Advantage plans, and Part D are drug plans. FYI - many Part C Medicare Advantage plans also include Part D drug coverage.

    A "medigap" policy is just another name for a Medicare Supplement; of which include both Plan F and Plan G. In addition to F and G, there are Plans A, B, C, D, K, L, M, and N. There are also Select C and Select F plans in some areas, and there is also a high deductible Plan F.

    With all but the Select plans you can visit any provider anywhere in the U.S. that accepts Medicare.

    Plan F is the most comprehensive. It is the very best for some people but not for others. The agent is correct that there are no deductibles and no co-pays. Plan G is exactly like Plan F except that you must pay the Part B deductible each year. That deductible currently is $166 but might possibly change each year. Most years it goes up but sometimes it will remain the same or even decrease as it did a few years ago.

    Plan F will no longer be sold to anyone that gets on Medicare after the year 2020. However, it will remain available for anyone that gets on Medicare before that year, so if you get it now you can remain on Plan F as long as you'd like.

    The birthday law in CA means you can change Medicare Supplements without underwriting each year on your birthday month. However, you cannot get on a Supplement if you have a Medicare Advantage plan.

    I don't use superlatives such as "the very best plan" because there is no such thing. Plan G with one company might suit you better than Plan F with another company because of the premium, customer service, or history of rate increases. Some people are very satisfied with an Advantage plan instead of the Supplement.

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