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Describe a girl being chased through a forest and then bumps into a stranger?

This is for my story that I am writing. I want a scene where my main character is being chased by her abusive father through a forest and then she bumps into a stranger who takes her away and rescues her.

I want it to be in first person so from the girls point of view and very descriptive.

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    I push through the leaves with no hesitation. I don't bother looking behind me. I can hear him. His footsteps. His heavy breathing. He's chasing me. And he's catching up.

    I stumble over sticks and logs. Most of my yoga pants are ripped or dirty now.

    It feels like I've been running for hours though it's only been a few minutes. These woods seem to be endless.

    My legs ache and I don't think I can go on any longer. A branch hits me in the face and I scream. I fall to the ground, hitting my back on a log and losing my breath. I gasp for air, but nothing comes in.

    "You can't run forever!" his raspy voice screams.

    He's not too far behind anymore.

    I gulp and get up. I glance around in all directions. Where can I go? Everything looks the same. I shake my head. Every second I waste here, he gets closer.

    I dash to my right without thinking. The tears stream from my eyes into my mouth. I hate the bitterness of the taste.

    I swerve through tree after tree, through bush after bush. This isn't going to end, is it?

    A tree root snatches my ankle and I fall to the ground screaming in pain. I try to get up, but I can't walk. My ankle is broken. I try to take a step, and scream again.

    I fall to the ground. This is it. He caught me.

    I cover my head with my hands like a turtle shell. I shiver.

    I hear footsteps getting slower and slower until they finally stop. He's behind me now.

    "Found yo-"

    I hear a loud punch, and tense up.

    I poke my head out of my turtle shell, still sobbing and see a tall man in a tuxedo punching my father. Blood splurts out of my father's mouth. The man has his back turned to me, so I can't see his face.

    He gives my father one final punch, and my father falls to the ground. He stands with his shoulders lifted, huffing and puffing.

    I lay on the ground, my ankle throbbing in pain, still shivering.

    "Who… who are you?" I choke.

    The man turns his head to me.

    He has crystal blue eyes, with dark brown hair. Thick eyebrows, full lips, and high cheekbones. This man is absolutely gorgeous.

    He squints his eyes at me and tilts his head.

    The man walks toward me. I gasp, and start to crawl away.

    "Wait. I'm not going to hurt you." His calm, deep voice says.

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    Close your eyes...imagine you are in a dense forest all alone and you're being chased...

    Start running...

    Get a piece of paper and write down any word that comes to mind what you're feeling as you're running..

    Physical and emotional...

    This is part of being a writer...finding your own unique way to describe things.

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