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Windows Update: How long should it take?

TL;DR: How long should it take for Windows Update to process about two years' worth of updates, after a Windows 8.1 "factory restore"?


HP 15 Notebook computer, built in 2014 with Windows 8.1. I ran a (needed) "factory restore" with no trouble, and did the initial setup on the fresh image.

My troubles began when I tried to run Windows Update. No response; just continuous "Checking for Updates". I tried all of the resets / tricks from the MS Knowledge Base that I could find.

No joy. Eventually, I just started Windows Update "Checking for Updates", and left it.

Update 2:

After 25 hours (yes: 25) it finally responded with 209 updates, and was ready for reboot after 6 more hours. Now, I've been seeing "Updating your system (0%)" for about 12 hours.

I know that Windows Update can be troublesome. But, is this really normal for the update cycle after a "restore to factory"?

Any other advice?

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    It's too many to do at once. It creates a bottleneck that the computer can't handle. What I do for computers that are that far behind is set up the updates to where I can control what and which are installed so that I don't have 100s trying to get in at once. I usually do the large size ones by themselves and a group of small ones at the same time.

    I will be very surprised if your computer is able to successfully install them the way you are doing this. Usually after that many hours the system is timed out. But if it can indeed handle it, yes, it will take a very long time.

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      Thanks; I've started over, and will follow your suggestions. I suppose "oldest updates first" makes the most sense. This will take days, but I'm in no hurry.

      (Friend's machine. Mine all run Linux. I don't have this kind of trouble.)

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    Will take a few hours, as they have to be downloaded and then installed. You could leave your computer to do this overnight (or longer if necessary).

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