Basketball: Who would win this World Basketball Tournament and Why? (In Best of Seven Series)?

1. Team USA (G: Irving, G: Thompson, F: Durant, F: Anthony, & C: Jordan BN: Butler, George, DeRozan, Lowry, Cousins, Green, & Barnes)


8. Team Brazil Starters: G: Neto, G: Barbosa, F: Giovannoni, F: Nenê, & C: Varejão BN: Splitter, Luz, Hettsheimeir, Souza, Garcia, Benite, & Huertas)

4. Team Argentina (Starters: G: Prigioni, G: Ginobili, F: Nocioni, F: Scola, & C: Gutiérrez BN: Delía, Campazzo, Mainoldi, Delfino, Garino, Laprovíttola, & Brussino)


5. Team Australia (Starters: G: Dellavedova, G: Mills, F: Simmons, F: Andersen & C: Bogut BN: Baynes, Bairstow, Motum, Ingles, Lisch, Goulding, & Exum)

3. Team Russia (G: Shved, G: Fridzon, F: Kirilenko, F: Khryapa, & C: Mozgov BN: Ponkrashov, Karasev, Antonov, Khvostov, Kaun, Voronov, & Monia)


6. Team France (Starters: G: Parker, G: de Colo, F: Batum, F: Diaw, & C: Noah BN: Gobert, Turiaf, Séraphin, F. Piétrus, Gelabale, M. Piétrus, & Fournier)

2. Team Spain (Starters: G: Rubio, G: Navarro, F: Ibaka, F: P. Gasol, & C: M. Gasol BN: Hernangómez, Fernández, Claver, Mirotić, Llull, Rodríguez & Calderon)


7. Team China (Starters: G: Guo Ailun, G: Sui Ran, F: Zhou Peng, F: Yi Jianlian, & C: Wang Zhelin BN: Zhou Qi, Li Muhao, Zou Yuchen, Li Gen, Zhai Xiaochuan, Ding Yanyuhang, & Zhao Jiwei)

IYO, Who would advance to Semi-Finals, and Final Championship Game? Who would become the world championship?


Basketball Players from this decades (2010-Present) around the world would participate the World Basketball Tournament.

First Round:

#1. Team USA vs. #8. Team Brazil

#4. Team Argentina vs. #5 Team Australia

#3. Team Russia vs. #6. Team France

#2. Team Spain vs. #7. Team China


??? vs. ???

??? vs. ???

Championship Game (For gold):

??? vs. ???

Bronze Game:

??? vs. ???

Update 2:

BTW: Who would get the gold medal and the trophy for the winner? The runner-up would get a silver, and The both losers in semifinals would compete in the bronze game and winnervous gets a bronze.

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  • Bob
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    3 years ago
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    The USA, Argentina, France and Spain would win the first round, the USA and Spain would win the Semifinals, and the USA wins the title.. Why are Lebron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden and Russell Westbrook not on team USA?, was this an oversight or was it done on purpose to give the other countries a chance.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

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