I don't feel smart enough for my classes. What should I do? *serious answers only please*?

I'm in 11th grade, and I have always been a very gifted honors student. However, recently my grades just keep going down and I feel so helpless about them . I know I'm not capable of bringing them up. Every time I bring it up to family I get yelled at to shut up and get over myself, which usually ends with me in tears. I have had clinical depression since I was 12, and generalized anxiety disorder since age 14. The only people who will listen, are my 2 best friends, who are both seniors and won't be there next year. Usually,after parental arguments, I can call one of them and they'll help me calm down and cheer me up. The last parental argument I had was before school, and as soon as I got there and saw my best friend, I fell apart crying on her shoulder. But right now, my biggest issue is feeling like in lacking in intelligence. What should I do?

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    4 years ago
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    If you truly lacked in intelligence, then you would have been placed in special needs programs to better help you with assignments, you certainly would not have been in any honors courses, and you would not have made it this far.

    The problem is, you're either very distracted by depression to where you can't concentrate, or the work simply got a bit difficult, and that's okay. Also, it could be the teachers not teaching contents correctly. Just because an adult is a teacher does not mean they do their jobs well all the time.

    If there is something you don't understand, you NEED to talk to your teacher, see about after school tutoring or ask questions after class. Get with a classmate who may understand the material better. Also, are you being honest with yourself by paying attention, taking notes, and studying?

    It really sucks your parents can't be there for you. Being a teenager can be the hardest years of your life, but you made it this far and have been so strong. You only have one year left. Don't worry so much about your grades. This is just ONE year that you're struggling. Just tell yourself that you're going to do great your senior year and even in college if you decide to go.

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    Its not lack of intelligence, its too much pressure. I would say just sign up for easier classes next year, and let your mind relax. I've been AP and honors my whole life, but recently I've needed time to relax. I still manage to score high on standardized tests, but straining yourself with hard work only makes it worse. You're not unintelligent, just overworked

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    You need to think positive, I am a math major in college and in a similar situation. Many people expect so much from me but I have gotten to a point where the pressure to be perfect is to great and have been suffering from anxiety. Don't set such high expectations and relax. Remember you're not perfect and no one is. I have just tried to relax a bit

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