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Surname- Powell, Hardy, Minogue, Lesser, Fitzgerald.

•Dad 45- Leroy, Samson, Philip, Gerald, William.

MN-Thomas, David, Lee, Andrew, Paul

•Mum 43- Hannah, Roberta, Joanne, Lorraine, Natalia

MN- Renee, Grace, Anne, June, Thomasina

•Son (13 years old)-Lornic, Leland, Lexicon, Luther, Landry

MN- George, Charles, Henry, Scott, James

•Daughter (10 years old)- Aviana, Avalie, Avalon, Avilynn, Avarie

MN- Jean, Jane, June, Joan, Jade

•Son (7 years old)- Braxton, Broderick, Benton, Benson, Braydon

MN- John, Theodore, Sebastian, Francis, Alan

•Son (4 years old)- Newton, Nolan, Nash, Norton, Noland

MN- Patrick, Phillip, Percival, Parker, Perrington

•Daughter (18 months)- Kyla, Kyra, Kylie, Kayla, Kenzie

MN- Anne, Rose, May, Belle, Louise

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    Dad: William Thomas Hardy

    Mom: Hanna Grace Hardy

    Son: Landry Scott Hardy

    Daughter: Avarie June Hardy

    Son: Braydon Sebastian Hardy

    Son: Nash Parke Hardy

    Daughter: Kylie May Hardy

  • T
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    4 years ago

    The Fitzgerald Family

    William Andrew Fitzgerald-- "Will"

    Hannah June Fitzgerald (nee Powell)

    Leland James Fitzgerald-- "Lee"

    Avalon Jade Fitzgerald-- "Ava"

    Benson Theodore Fitzgerald-- "Ben"

    Nolan Patrick Fitzgerald

    Kyra Rose Fitzgerald

  • 4 years ago

    — The Fitzgerald Family —

    William Philip & Hannah Joanne Fitzgerald

    • Leland Henry Fitzgerald

    • Avalon Jane Fitzgerald

    • Braxton Theodore Fitzgerald

    • Nolan Phillip Fitzgerald

    • Kyla Rose Fitzgerald

    " Le, Ava, Brax, Nol, & Ky. "

  • 4 years ago

    William Lee and Hannah Renee Powell

    Luther Scott

    Avarie Joan

    Benton Theodore

    Nash Patrick

    Kayla Rose

    Will and Hannah, Luke, AJ, Benton, Nash, and Kayla Powell

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  • Kate
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    4 years ago

    Surname - Hardy

    Dad: William Andrew "Liam"

    Mum: Hannah Grace

    - Landry James

    - Avalie Jade

    - Braxton John

    - Nolan Patrick

    - Kyla Belle

  • layla
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    4 years ago

    William Andrew Powell & Hannah Grace Fitzgerald

    -Leland Scott Powell

    -Aviana Jane "Ana" Powell

    -Benson Fitzgerald "Ben" Powell

    -Nolan Fitzgerald Powell

    -Kyla Rose Powell

  • 4 years ago

    William Andrew Powell (45) "Liam"

    -Yellow Blonde Hair and Gray Eyes

    Stay at home dad, loves cooking and coaching or playing sports with the kids

    Natalia Grace Powell (43) "Nat"

    -Dark Brown Hair and Muddy Green Eyes

    Executive Editor of a prestigious fashion magazine. Loves shopping for herself and her kids

    Luther Henry Powell (13)

    -Dark Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes

    Travel rugby player. Hates math and likes hanging out with his friends and his new girlfriend

    Avalie Jane Powell (10) "Ava"

    -Light Brown Hair and Muddy Green Eyes

    Dancer at an elite pointe academy. A little princess who loves shopping and dancing with her mother

    Benson Sebastian Powell (7) "Benny"

    -Dark Brown Hair and Gray Eyes

    Class clown and quite the ladies man. Makes lots of friends easily. Does swim team

    Newton Parker Powell (4) "Newt"

    -Light Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes

    An fire cracker who loves jumping around. Starting gymnastics

    Kyla Rose Powell (1.5) "Ky"

    -Dirty Blonde Hair and Muddy Green eyes

    Quiet and happy girl

  • EJ
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    4 years ago

    Dad - William Thomas Powell (45)

    Mum - Hannah Grace Powell (43)

    ☆ Luther James Powell (13)

    ☆ Avarie Jade Powell (10)

    ☆ Braydon Theodore Powell (7)

    ☆ Nolan Parker Powell (4)

    ☆ Kyla Rose Powell (18 months)

  • 4 years ago

    William Paul and Lorraine Renee Fitzgerald

    Leland Charles

    Avalie Jean

    Braydon Theodore

    Nolan Parker

    Kenzie Anne

    -Paul and Lorraine, Charlie, Ava, Braydon, Parker, and Kenzie Fitzgerald

  • Hannah
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    4 years ago

    William David "Will" Fitzgerald

    Hannah Grace Powell

    Leland James "LJ" Fitzgerald-Powell

    Avalon Jade "Ava" Fitzgerald-Powell

    Benson Theodore "Ben" Fitzgerald-Powell

    Nolan Phillip Fitzgerald-Powell

    Kenzie Rose Fitzgerald-Powell

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Surname- Powell

    •William Andrew

    •Natalia Anne

    •Lornic Henry "Nic"

    •Aviana Jean "Ana"

    •Benson Francis "Ben"

    •Newton Patrick "Newt"

    •Kayla Belle "Lala"

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