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I got into an accident while uninsured in Louisiana... Am I screwed?

I am currently a senior in college and I work full-time in Louisiana. I caused an accident during the only week I was unknowingly uninsured...I paid over $8000 to fix my car... now the other party is insured with USAA and they just called me to collect a little over $13,000... I feel really bad about the fact that the guy I hit probably had to pay a deductible and I wouldn t hesitate to pay him back for that.. but USAA asking me to reimburse them $13,000 blows my mind. I am in my 20s and definitely don t have that kind of money... Will they take legal action if I don t pay?

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  • Ron
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    3 years ago
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    You paid 8 grand to fix your car but you would have paid half that for full coverage insurance AND they would have covered repairs on the other car. Unknowingly uninsured? How do you not know if you have insurance?

    In any case, that doesn't matter. You are going to be stuck with the repair costs. Set up a payment plan now or take out a loan

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    They have every right to ask for their money back. Whether or not they will actually collect remains to be seen. They could take legal action, but they will likely not see the money.

    I've always said that yes, insurance is expensive. But you will end up paying much, much more if you get caught driving without insurance. Whether it's from an accident, speeding ticket, or whatever. I just hope this is a learning experience for you, always make sure your insurance is up to date and you have proof of insurance in your car at all times.

  • 3 years ago

    Yep. Big time. You are lucky that you were not criminally charged for your failure to get insurance. And, no one is so stupid to not know when they have actually gotten to the end of the insurance purchase process. Because when you get there, you get to print out a proof of insurance form.

    And yes, they will sue your butt for the full damages. That an insurance company has more money than you has nothing to do with it, YOU caused the damages, YOU failed to have insurance, and so YOU WILL be made to pay.

    That's called a *consequence*, have a 5 year old explain what that word means.

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    You are screwed.

    They will take legal action.

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  • Mr.357
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    3 years ago

    There is no deductible for the other guy since the wreck was your fault. You have to cover it and make the other driver whole. It is good that you have a full time job, they won't have to garnish your wages for very long to get their $13,000.

  • Dash
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    3 years ago

    Why would that blow your mind? You caused the damage. You gotta pay. This is why you should've had insurance. The other party has their own insurance to protect them against dead beats like you, but this does not relieve you from any responsibility. You still owe the full amount. USAA is going to add on administrative cost, interest, and court costs and sue you in court.

  • Scott
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    3 years ago

    They will take whatever legal action is available to them to collect the $13,000. That's what happens when you drive uninsured, you become personally responsible for damages you cause. They should let you set up a payment plan to repay what you owe. it may take years, and it's an expensive lesson in personal responsibility.

  • JetDoc
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    3 years ago

    YOU CAUSED THE ACCIDENT. Why shouldn't the insurance company expect YOU to pay for the damage that YOU CAUSED? Maybe you should take an ETHICS class while you are still in college.

  • 3 years ago

    They are entitled to claim against you, the driver at fault. Normally, you would just pass the claim to your insurer and they would settle it. Since you were not insured, you are liable. They are entitled to sue and, if you don't pay, to go back to the court for a warrant to seize your assets and/or your wages. $13,000 is what the insurance company is claiming. The policy holder MAY also make a claim for deductible his insurer would not pay towards repairs.

    It is never wise to drive without insurance.

  • g
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    3 years ago

    "Will they take legal action if I don t pay?'"

    Yes, you can count on that to happen.

    "I wouldn t hesitate to pay him back for that (deductible)."

    Well who the hell do you think is going to pay the other $12,000+ grand? Someone should. And do you know who should? The person who caused the damage, cecilia, that's who.

    We all have to face the consequences of our actions, Cecilia, you are no exception.

    • don_sv_az
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      3 years agoReport

      USAA doesn't mind suing when necessary because they will sue for the damage plus any cost for the lawsuit (lawyer's fees paperwork fees etc).

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