Spanish Football Section: Do Real Madrid win games by a blunt attacking force?

Zidane's defense is absolutely ridiculous. There just seems to be no organization at all on far to many occasions. We heavily rely on blunt attacking force. Marcelo is so crucial to the team.

BQ: Neuer was impeccable again. How good would Madrid be with him in net?

HQ: I hate to ask this because of all the trolls but: Messi or Ronaldo? Both seem to have excelled in recent weeks. Will Messi pull off the impossible tomorrow?

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    4 years ago
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    Real can win with blunt attacking force but they can also organize and defend when they have to, as these two games against Bayern have shown, that's why they're so good in the CL, they can do both, they're a very versatile team that know how to win big matches.

    The problem for them is Real rarely set up to defend, as they know they're stronger than pretty much every La Liga team besides maybe Barcelona and can beat them with all out offence, but if they set up as they did at the Allianz arena I think they'd concede far less goals overall.

    BQ: Neuer would be great for RM but he'd cost an absolute fortune. Courtois and De Gea are options but they'd be expensive too! As much as I hate to say it the best option for them in terms of affordability and ability is Hugo Lloris, as they could get him for a reasonable cost and he's the best GK in the PL, I will cry if he leaves Spurs though.

    HQ: I think Messi is the better player overall as he contributes more to his team, whereas maybe not so much recently but often in recent seasons Ronaldo's contribution aside from goals is lacking, although he gets the goals and delivers the goods so I guess it doesn't matter that much, it just puts him a bit below Messi for me.

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    I always felt the only individually reliable RM defenders are Pepe and Carvajal, the rest are way below their level, however defending as a team is what matters and RM know how to do that.

    Looking uncertain at times v a top team like Bayern is nothing to be ashamed of, they are a great team and have great players, you cannot expect to just stroll past Bayern, they are a quality team, RM defended well for the most part over the 2 legs.

    I wish my team could defend half as good as RM did v Bayern, we wouldn't be getting thrashed by any half decent team we come up against.

    BQ: Neuer is worlds best keeper and has been for the past 7/8 years for me, I wasn't surprised with his performances in this tie, he's great.

    HQ: Messi is better obviously but the fact that he doesn't influence big games like he used to is quite worrying, he needs to do better in that regard.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    BQ:neuer was terrible,but he would do a great Job for Real Madrid

    HQ:Still messi,but cristiano ronaldo is amazing because he's 32 and still scores more than any #9.

    Nahh,the old saying in Football is "the ball is round anything can happen" but it can't happened twice haha,Barcelona OUT!!!!

    Source(s): The Real Madrid jersey can be stained with mud,sweat and even blood!! but never with shame!! Hala Madrid.
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