What can the US do about the economic crisis in Venezuela?

What's the cause of this crisis?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Venezuela is a socialist country. They're spending more on social programs than they are making in revenue. Additionally the socialist government has been sexing assets and business from private citizens to pass on to the poor. Kinda take away the incentive to work hard and be successful if they government is just going to take more from you. So bushiness, investments, and capital are fleeing Venezuela. That's why a socialist country has never endured or succeeded.

    Why would the US want to or need to do anything with Venezuela? They're basically an enemy and have been very hostile to the US. More than half of the world's countries have economic problems and besides the US is $20 Trillion is debt ourselves. Helping every poor country is basically an act of socialism and is the cause of Venezuela's initial problems!

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