i need to fly to Florida,do I still have to report 2 hours early in order to go threw security with just one suite care and a carry on ?

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    4 years ago
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    Airports are busy. Things can happen and a line gets long.

    You either get through the process in time for your flight or you do not.

    2 Hours is recommended. The busy season and busy time like holidays it is prudent to go even earlier.

    Maybe you have heard about recent security events on the planet . Security can be tightened up at any time. If you take too long to do everything TOO BAD for you. You miss your flight.

    Is there some reason you are aiming to be last on board and desire to rush through the Airport at last second hoping you make it?

    YOUR choice. Take some extra time and relax before flight or rush hoping all goes your way.

    EVERY AIRPORT does not have the same waits to do stuff. Distance to walk to plane and other time issues.

    2 Hours is suggested. IT IS NOT A GUARANTEE of Travel.

    Some do it in less time and sometimes it takes longer. YOU DECIDE if you want to wait around a little extra before a flight or wait for a long time for next available flight.

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    Oh yes!

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    It depends on where you are flying out of. For example if you are flying out of a major airport such as LAX or JFK then regardless of what you are checking or not I would suggest at 2 hours(2 1/2 -3 if you are in a peek holiday period).

    But if you are flying out of a small regional airport, checked in online and have only a carry-on I've gotten there 60 minutes before and had no issues. However, I would only suggest cutting off this time for frequent travelers who are familiar with the airports they are leaving from.

    Since you asked this question one has to figure you are not familiar enough with the airport to know it's patterns. So in that case it is ALWAYS best to err on the side of caution and plan on arriving there at least 2 hours before. As it is better to have to wait an hour for your flight, than to arrive 5 minutes after it departs and watch it take off without you.

    Remember this is the time you need to be IN the terminal, not driving around the parking lot looking for a parking space or waiting for a shuttle.

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    Even if you have NO luggage, you still need to be there 2 hours before your flight. "Check in" doesn't mean JUST getting your bags sorted. It means they know you're there so you can board the flight when it's called. If you get there "late", you may not be allowed on the plane because things DO come up.

    Much like driving. If your destination is 10 minutes away - or an hour - do you leave EXACTLY 10 minutes (or an hour) before you're supposed to be there? Not if you're smart! There could be an accident, there could be construction, there could be an unfamiliar detour you need to take due to that accident or construction, you could forget something important and have to go back home to get it...with a longer trip, you may need a meal or snack in between and will need to give yourself time to get to a restaurant or hit a drive through (and what happens if that drive through is really busy).

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    It does depend a bit on the airport, but generally, yes.

    Are you checking your "suitcase"? Or is that a carry-on as well? If you are checking your suitcase, then you need to go to the airline counters when you arrive, and there can be lines there. Even if not, it's common to encounter lines at security. Boarding starts about 30 minutes before departure.

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