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How to Minimize Stretch Marks?

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    I would suggest you do a google this arga n rai n pro duct s ! When I first purchased it, I was skeptical at first. The reviews were gr eat, b ut I'm alwa y s one to be dou btful of a products q uality . Within the first week I could already see a g reat difference on my stretch marks that were on m y stom ach. I've had pretty bad looking ones from puberty and from significant weight loss, 30 pounds, and my stretch marks are less noticeable. I'm so glad

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      …. It is a good suggestion.

  • 3 years ago

    Try hypoallergenic scar cream. I can recommend invicible scars. I tried them on my stretch marks and it turned out an effective product for me. Give it a try. Hope it helps

  • 3 years ago

    I tried many things on my old white stretch marks and what finally made them almost invisible(very thin) was microdermabrasion scrub for home use called Crystal Butter it's made out of microdermabrasion crystals and cocoa butter.

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