are different banks just a name change,and locations ,or all the"banks"just about the same,I want to deposit a check from an other state?

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  • DON W
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    4 years ago
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    Credit unions are different than banks. Credit unions offer about the same services as banks (such as savings accounts, CDs, mortgages, and auto loans) but operate as not-for-profit organizations owned by their members. In the case of banks, they are established to make money for the people who own stock in the company.

  • 4 years ago

    bank verses a credit union .is there a comparison (rules,regulation,etc) or is a credit union unique?

  • MadMan
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    4 years ago

    Well, you can deposit a check to you account at any branch of the same bank. But you cannot deposit it at a branch of a different bank. It does not matter what bank the check is drawn on.

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