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Ladies-bare minerals-how accurate is the "find your shade" on their site? Do I have to go to sephora? (Ugh) advice please.....?

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  • 4 years ago
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    I've never been pleased with makeup matches based on websites. Different monitors show the same color as pretty different.

    If you (and ideally, a friend) can agree on a color as it appears on three different computer screens, then it's probably close.

    FWIW, make sure you get the matte finish on the Bare Minerals. I liked it a lot better than the original.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Those shade finders on makeup brand sites aren't usually very accurate.

    What is more accurate and that you can do all online is use Temptalia's free Foundation Matrix or to use the free site Findation.

    Both match you to new foundations by using your shades in foundations that you have already been matched to.

    The more shades you have been matched to that you plug in on them, the better results you will get.

    You can narrow it down to a specific brand such as Bare Minerals which you are trying to get matched into, or you can let them give you many more brands to match you to.

    These sites have never failed me, I always find great matches.

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