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Will I ever completely get this guy?

So basically there is a guy that I've known for about 6 months and I've been crushing on him since we met. When we first met he was very smooth and flirty, and he now still flirts but it's awkward and shy. We hung out last weekend and he let me stay at his afterwards, which (according to our mutual friends who are close to him) is strange for him as he doesn't even let girls he's had sex with stay the night; let alone me who only kissed him.

I know that he likes to hook up with lots of girls, but a lot of our friends have said that the way he treats me makes it seem like he thinks of me as more than a hookup (someone he would consider dating) but the problem is he doesn't want to stop hooking up with other girls...

Also the past few weeks I've been seeing him more in passing and his guy friends have been going out of their way to say hi to me; and they never talked to me before last month.

I really like him but I feel like if I made that clear to him he would deny having any feelings for me... WHAT DO I DO??

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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