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History Questions?

1. Which was a result of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia?

A. The manifesto titled "The Two Thousands Words" was published in Pravda.

B. Alexander Dubcek was expelled from the KSC and demoted.

C. The right to free speech was guaranteed after the invasion.

2. What do the actions described in the box indicate about U.S. foreign policy?

A. that the CIA could be called on to maintain free elections

B. that the major goal was to fight communism

C. that protectionism was part of the mission

3. Which are not climate zones in Latin America?

A. highlands and uplands

B. humid continental and tundra

C. tropical wet and tropical dry

4. Which is a major natural resource in Latin America?

A. corn

B. gold

C. uranium

5. Which Latin American countries are indicated by letters A and D?

A. Peru and Mexico

B. Argentina and Brazil

C. Chile and Ecuador

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    first prize for troll question of the day

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      lmfao what even are you saying? "troll question" how am I trolling??? you're stupid

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