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Carl asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 4 years ago

Can I get a virus on Mac just by visiting a Phishing site?

I use Chrome on MacBook air. A link was sent to me from my friend's skype and I thought it was just something he wanted to show me. I clicked the link and got a message from my internet provider "Site blocked" because of phishing. A few minutes later I was going to show it to my friend, so I clicked the link again, expecting the "site blocked" message, but somehow I accessed the site. I immediately closed it. For a complicated reason I can't install antivirus on my device, and now I'm worried I have malware on my computer. Is it possible to get malware from Chrome on a Macbook, just by visiting a site, not clicking anything on it and immediately closing it?


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  • 4 years ago

    "Can I get a virus on Mac just by visiting a Phishing site?"

    Yes, a download could have a hidden windows virus (something.exe) inside. There are no known viruses that can damage OS X installed files. You still could get malware that can monitor your keyboard or online activities.

    "For a complicated reason I can't install antivirus on my device"

    Wrong. For whatever reason you CHOOSE not to install any A-V software or your boss prohibits it. "Can" relates to ability, and I know you have the ability to install A-V software.

    "Is it possible to get malware from Chrome on a Macbook, just by visiting a site?"

    Chrome is the LEAST SECURE of all OS X browsers. I have no idea why anyone would want to use Chrome, since...

    – The newest version of Chrome includes 42 SECURITY FIXES (Chrome has a reputation for dozens of security holes).

    – It takes up more than four times the drive space as Safari (140MB compared with 30MB)

    – It uses six times the memory as Safari.

    – It is difficult to set preferences (a maze of extensive reading instead of just simple check box options).

    – It is not as secure as Safari.

    – It is not as customizable as Firefox.

    – It is not faster than Safari (Using the latest RobotHornet testing). See this:

    – It quits occasionally on two of my Macs where I use it just for testing.

    – Chrome for Mac Help has a mix of Windows and Mac answers, so you have to sort out what you need.

    These DO NOT apply to the Windows version.

    You refuse to use Safari which is leagues safer than Chrome. You do not install any A-V software. Now you want our help in worrying.

    EDIT :

    Yahoo Answers prohibits chat / back and forth discussions. You choose a Best Answer (not perfect, but best), and let it go. The link below shows three ways to fully uninstall all the tiny remaining files related to Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac.


  • 4 years ago

    It is possible but not probable. MacOS/OSX can have vulnerabilities that could be exploited that would lead to an infection, however the probability of this is very low, especially with it being a phishing website. Phishing sites are websites that look like a legitimate website but are not. Putting your username and password would send it to the host of the website which they could then use to sign in to any account that you use that same username and password and send emails and messages to your other contacts to try to phish them. Your Mac should be fine.

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