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Which should I chose?

So a club at my school is planning an educational trip to Italy. It was originally going to be in 2018, late winter. But we recently found out that it will interfere with an important event for my school. So we have the option to change it to late fall 2017. The only problem is that we would miss 5 days of school if we change it and miss only 1 day if we keep it next year. Also if we change the date, the monthly payments will go up by about $40. So I can either change it=miss school and pay more money... or keep it= miss my school event, keep the payment plan, and only miss one day of school. I have to decide by Friday, march 31. What do you think I should chose

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  • 4 years ago
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    Well, it obviously is in your 'own' best interest to leave things as they are, but the ultimate decision crucially depends upon how many of the athletes you need to participate so as to make the trip affordable; if too many of them drop out because of the importance to them of the sporting event, it would result in the cancellation of your entire trip altogether, so you may end up not having any choice anyway about making the change.

  • 4 years ago

    I would say keep it. It will be a fun experience to go! Maybe you can tallk to a teacher or guidence counceller about the school event you will be missing.

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