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How to player higher on the trumpet?

I'm in my 8th grade advanced band and my jazz band, and I play all the first chair pieces. I really enjoy playing my trumpet; I love the culture of band as well. So I want to continue in high school no matter what.

Recently my music teacher gave us a piece, and this certain piece goes above my current range. I can play a solid G on the ledger lines, I've tried A but it just won't come out right.

I'm a bit worried about high school, because I will definitely need to improve my range.

And yes, I realize I should practice more and develop stronger lips.

In what way can I practice more effectively, to improve my range?

Any tips will be very helpful to me. Thank you for your time :)

1 Answer

  • Me2
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    I was puzzled by "G on the ledger lines" — that would be a feat for a young teen.  If your band teacher isn't a trumpet specialist, you need to consult with one.  There are multiple areas of interest, including but not limited to embouchure, precise mouthpiece placement and angle (dependent on embouchure and dental structure), and mouthpiece selection.

    Nearly every trumpet that ships with a mouthpiece includes the close equivalent of a 7C.  Test somewhat shallower mouthpieces of various diameters (slightly smaller might be best), and be sure the rim edge isn't very sharp, a smoothed rim avoids damage to the blood vessels in the lower lip.

    When auditioning mouthpieces, you must bring along an educated listener familiar with trumpet, since you simply cannot evaluate the sound from behind the horn.

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