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Why do you think people including kids read all these books but never take action on it? its seems useless?

2 Answers

  • phoebe
    Lv 6
    4 years ago

    Action on what?

    Do they want to take action or do they just want to get a glimpse of understanding about a particular issue or part of the world? Maybe they just wanted to read a book.

    Do they have the means to take action? (Money, qualified education and experience, ability to travel, connections, etc.)

    Do they have any idea how to solve the problem that doesn't completely depend on other people being willing to change their behavior just because they say so? Most people don't have the power of hypnosis or forcing limitless free will over others.

    Isn't important for people to read about issues they might not know much about even though they might not devote their entire lives to fixing that problem? Books often give perspectives that people might not otherwise have access to in their lives. It doesn't mean they are complete experts on the subject, but it's better than being completely uninformed (with some exceptions that tend to surface on the internet, like curing cancer with only positive thoughts instead of going for chemotherapy and radiation.)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    It's easier to be an armchair expert.

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