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Why do we get viruses even on MSN's homepage?

I found this article interesting, the ones behind these are Adspirit (whoever the F they are), and the other day I got a virus when I went to MSN's homepage, and all I did was click on one of the news article banner at the top from MSN's main page and something got downloaded saying "you've got a virus" with stupid popups. I got rid of the malware but it was scary.

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    Spamming and infecting machines with malware is literally big business, companies make millions from it.

    They are continuously trying to find new ways to force stuff onto peoples computers.

    Infected web ads or "driveby" infections from web sites are a common method and Internet Explorer has traditionally been one of most vulnerable browsers for things like that.

    As every new machine / IE installation goes to the MS site when it's run, getting malware on that must be something like a holy grail for spammers....

    A good antivirus and set of antimalware programs are absolutely essential on any Windows-based machine...

    Spybot search and destroy is particularly useful in that context as if you use it's "inoculate" facility, that blocks access to thousands of sites that host malware, making that type of infection far less likely.

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    tl;dr thanks for the 2 points loser

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      The "loser" is the one incapable of reading the site rules or too stupid to follow them...

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