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I feel like a slut. Does anyone else do this or am I alone?

I am a girl and the majority of my friends are male. I also have a loving boyfriend. Sometimes I flirt with my male friends (even if I don't like them, because that's just how my personality rolls). My friends see it as cheating. And keep in mind the most touching I'll do is lay on them (back to back) or I'll just put my feet on their lap. But the male friends will kiss me on my forehead (nothing meant in a romantic way) and I'll tell my best guy friends I love them. Sometimes I'll link Arms with them. Is this cheating? I love my boyfriend with all my heart and I feel terribly guilty

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    I'd stop telling your guy friends you love them, and stop letting them kiss you, even if it's not romantic. As a guy, I can tell you that your male friends think they're getting somewhere with you (you're leading them on), and if your boyfriend hears about this, he's not going to see it your way. At all. I'm not trying to tell you to change your personality, just...have limits, and assume that every guy you meet wants to get in your pants, because 9/10 times they do.

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    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Well would you be okay with your boyfriend doing that with his friends that are girls? Always think of it this way. Those guys aren't your friends. They are only there because you entertain their flirting. Trust me if you stopped flirting with them and kept it as a friendship, they wouldn't be there anymore.

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