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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 4 years ago

Was I right for yelling at my mentally ill friend? Should he just forgive me already...come on, read exactly what happened?

Two years ago my friend was having all these intrusive thoughts and was scared he was a bad person. He had a nervous breakdown in public, got arrested for it, placed in a psych ward (but just 3 days) and is still seeing a psychiatrist to this day. He has OCD, I mean shouldn't he be cured by now? A year and a half ago he kept texting me all paranoid. I was very friendly for months, but he was getting so annoying.

Then he made a joke online and got people mad. I guess he apologized for it later, it was a sexist joke from a cartoon. But my girlfriend yelled at him and I was telling him how he was terrible too. He said he blamed me for having a anxiety disorder/OCD. Three months before he got put in the psych ward we argued and I punched him in the arm a couple times. Like, he needs to get over it. His mind just plays tricks on him, I'm no doctor he can't come to me for help. He said he just wants emotional support but I have other friends to chill with when I'm away at college. I don't need to answer his texts.

I'm not bad right?

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    4 years ago

    Mental illness isn't something that simply goes away - even sometimes after years of therapy etc. If you don't want to talk to him constantly - That's okay. Its okay to only speak to him ocassionaly. But you must try to be honest and sensitive about it. You could try explaining that you have other things you need to do but that you still want him to be okay and to work on the way he is feeling.

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    Hello. Your friend may not have received treatment that prevents him from responding inappropriately to social situations. Depends on the type of therapeutic approach identified beneficial to stabilize your friend. Were you wrong for yelling at him? Not everyone has the capacity for handling emotional imbalances in others. There are people who are and when at all possible, referring people like your friend to them is a better alternative than trying to explain why they have frustrated you. Forgive yourself for being short even if he doesn't.

    LT, Counselor

    Source(s): Boys Town Hotline, 1800-448-3000,
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    4 years ago

    Hit him with a brick

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